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Peppermint Chocolate

a close up of a chocolate cake

A perfect refreshmint – December’s Flavor of the Month is Peppermint Chocolate – available only during the holidays. Speaking of which, do you suffer from Alfajor-i-day Syndrome? Symptoms include trying to eat a Chipotle Chocolate and a Peppermint Chocolate alfajor simultaneously to see if you light up like a Christmas tree; piling alfajores on Thomas the Train and then directing the tracks into your mouth; or stuffing yourself down the chimney to acquire dulce de leche-filled conitos left out for Santa. If you or someone you love suffer from any one of these symptoms, you may benefit from one of our Holiday Gift Boxes shipped to Anywhere, USA. Chock full of artisanal treats and handmade wares, Wooden Table gift boxes provide instant relief for Alfajor-i-day syndrome. Order by Dec 19 for ho ho ho delivery.